The list of the PR lists of 2013

Running up to, in and after the festive period, Twitter, Facebook, online newsites, blogs and industry newsletters have been all about lists. They collect everything collectible from the ‘Top 10 Miley Moments of 2013‘ to the ‘Six worst attacks on reproductive freedom in 2013‘. It’s not a surprise therefore that somewhere between two Christmas crackers the Honourable Internet Browser (such as you or me) develops perfect immunity to these lists having too much of them. With a rather cheeky move, I have made the list of the lists with regards to PR, so that you can catch up if you refused to read the lists choosing Holy Night instead, or in the rare event of being a committed list-hunter you can check you haven’t missed any of the most-useful-lists-of-2013. Happy listings!

  1. The most awesome articles of 2013 (Razor Social)
  2. 2013 in review – Top 20 PR campaigns and stunts of the year (PR Examples)
  3. 36 content marketing ideas from 2013 (Content Marketing Institute)
  4. The biggest PR blunders of 2013 (Business Insider)
  5. Top 10 audience development strategy posts of 2013 (Mequoda)
  6. The greatest PR campaigns of 2013 (The Lincolnite)
  7. The top 10 PR stories of 2013 (Cision)
  8. Top 10 PR blog posts of 2013 (Stuart Bruce)
  9. Five biggest social media lessons of 2013 (Bloomberg)
  10. Top 10 brands on social media in 2013 (Mashable)Keep calm and bye 2013 year

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