I have become a guest blogger

Until recently I used Twitter as an information source about the PR industry and indeed about the world in general. Only now I am discovering the networking potentials of Twitter and other digital media platforms. It is amazing that you have access to experienced industry practitioners and leaders from whom you can not only learn an enormous amount of wisdom about PR but you can also connect with them.

I don’t exactly remember when I ‘followed’ Don Ferguson, Account Manager at Hope&Glory PR. However, I am reading his mostly interesting tweets for a while. A few days ago one of them caught my eye.

Guest blog tweetI grabbed the opportunity and asked whether he is only interested in establshed industry professionals or a keen PR student could be seen adding value to his blog, Omnirambles. He was open to a fresh impetus and my first ever guest blog post was born. I wanted to write about something fresh and exciting that allows analysis from a PR aspect as well. So I wrote about ‘How The Naked Sledding World Championship can help your PR‘ – obviously! Enjoy!

Thank you for the opportunity, Don!


2 thoughts on “I have become a guest blogger

  1. mybusiness says:

    Ok. That was nice. OK?

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