Things I’ve done

Hi there! It is my honour that you chose to have a glance at my portfolio. This page is constantly updated so please remember to check back sometimes.

  • A blog on PR
  • A report on PR’s increasing use of ’snackable’ content, with a focus on how consumer PR practitioners are using Vine: Trend report: Vine and PR.pdf
  • A social media analytics report about Domino’s Pizza UK: Social media report_DominosUK_Zsuzsanna Matyak
  • A critique of PR evaluation models including the PII Model of Evaluation, the PR Effectiveness Yardstick, the Continuing Model of Evaluation and the Unified Model of Evaluation: Evaluation Models Critique.pdf
  • An online multi-media newsroom for the London Legacy Development Corporation; you can access the site here and this is where you can read about the project
  • A pitch document as a response to a real Forestry Commission brief; this was a team course exercise asking us to come up with a campaign making young people go to the forest and to produce an accompanying demo video: Forestry Commission campaign.pdf
  • A pitch document as a response to a real LEGO brief; this was an individual course exercise coming up with an imaginary PR agency setting out to differentiate LEGO from its generic competitors: LEGO_The one that lasts_2013_BY ZSUZSANNA MATYAK.pdf
  • A Vine CV:
  • An essay about the effectiveness of code of conducts in the Public Relations industry: Code of conduct effectiveness in PR.pdf
  • Feature articles that comprised my Journalism Dissertation Project at the University of Stirling; the center of the project was Eastern European (EU A8) nationals in the UK.
  • Samples of the print version of Brig, the student newspaper of the University of Stirling, under my time as a News Editor; I was responsible for designing, editing and sub-editing the News section. They also include some of my articles that you can find listed under the PDF link of the given issue below.
    Brig, May 2011 (News section: pp. 1-4)

    • “Folks with Spokes” assemble to conquer the streets of Stirling (p. 3)

    Brig, September 2011 (News section: pp. 1-4)

    • Tobacco firm fights for University research (Front page)
    • Scottish unis more costly than Oxbridge (p. 3)
    • Wi-Fi connection to be introduced to University accommodation (p. 3)
    • The Freshers Week line up (p. 4)

    Brig, October 2011 (News section: pp. 1-4)

    • Stirling sets £27,000 tuition fee for rest of the UK students (Front page)

    Brig, November 2011 (News section: pp. 1-4)

    • Sad academia, biggest strike, no teaching, happy students (Front page)
    • Student prevails over Asperger syndrome to go to Namibia (p. 3)

    Brig, December 2011 (News section: pp. 1-4)

    • Student jobs are secured at the Med (Front page)

    Brig, February 2012 (News section: pp. 1-5)

    • Less people in the UK choose to go to uni due to recent higher education reform (p. 3)
    • Female students should start university experience by building up a safety network, urges local politician (p. 4)

    Brig, March 2012 (News section: pp. 1-5)

    • Universities employ more non-academics than academics (Front page)
    • “People can drink themselves to death for five pounds,” says Licensing Board member (p. 4)

    Brig, April 2012 (News section: pp. 1-5)

    • Postgraduates to make University more savvy (Front page)
    • “My grandma is as proud as punch,” says Sam Gibbs, Students’ Union President Elect (p. 4)
    • Electrical fire on Union Street forces students out (p. 5)
  • Samples of print version of Brig under my time as a Staff Writer for the News section Brig, October 2010
    • CampusNet overhaul prompts mixed reactions (p. 3)

    Brig, February 2011

    • Demolition: recap (p. 2)

    Brig, March 2011

    • Facehooked: more friends mean more stress for social network users (Front page)

    Brig, April 2011

    • Teachers ditch classroom for Glow as UCU hold strike – co-authored with Stephen Wood (p. 4)
    • “Recyke-a-bike” hire scheme deemed a success (p. 4)

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